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MassageBizPro offers a video library and provides CE Courses designed to take you from practitioner to contractor/freelancer to business owner as quickly as possible. If there’s one thing we should all know by now - is that the world can unexpectedly change in the blink of an eye. And when the world changes, the only way to keep the rug from being pulled from under you is to have control over your career and, ultimately, your finances.


So many practitioners begin their new careers starry-eyed with visions of helping clients,

providing stellar service, and having the freedom to do whatever they want. We chase the

dream of “making our own schedules” but don’t realize all the extra work and extra hours that end up filling that schedule. Marketing, follow-up, emails, legal, financial, and insurance are just the tip of the small business iceberg.


But we don’t want you to feel bogged down and handcuffed to your laptops And we don’t want you spending years upon years of trial and error, long sleepless nights, and canceling those exciting weekend trips with friends because you had legal matters to handle, paperwork to fill out, or you’d spent all your hard earned money on unexpected costs.


Become a part of the MassageBizPro community to improve your craft and also to become a better business owner. All those years of work and learning before growing your business -

we’ve done that already. And all those quick-moving parts that can become confusing and time-consuming - we’ve streamlined the process and created an incredible framework for you to follow with hours of resources and materials for your continued growth.


MassageBizPros' unique platform that brings together the best of online business courses, and mindset coaching through our digital library; live virtual training and  in-person workshops:

  • Entrepreneurship, Business Tips and Business Strategies

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Sales Courses

  • Confidence & Self Value 

  • Selected Virtual and In-Person Courses approved by the NCBTMB


We also offer stock photography for massage therapists, business templates, and retreats that offer solutions to help you strengthen your practice and build a sustainable future.

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