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Starting a massage therapy business can be rewarding both personally and professionally. It is an industry where you can assist in the process of restoring health and balance to your clients by charting a course toward wellness and life without pain and, it is proven to be a lucrative career choice if the business side is done correctly.   


Understanding how to start a massage business is just as important as; scaling and maintain a profitable and sustainable business, which is key to not only having a solid business foundation but to set it apart from the competition.


 I offer business coaching for massage therapists with live talks and my pre-recorded online business coaching videos where I teach you step by step how to succeed in the massage industry. I explain the; who, what, when, where and the how-to when answering questions about the Massage business.  I also have a private VIP Facebook group where my members can ask questions and get real-time answers. My whole intention behind business coaching for massage therapists is to help you grow where you want to go.


Therefore, I offer and answer everything from how to select the right names for massage therapy business, help you determine your cost of doing business with a cost of doing business calculator designed specifically for massage therapists, I teach you how to design and where to get business cards for massage therapists, branding and marketing, search engine optimization, digital marketing, teach you how to create your own images for massage, create ads for massage, billing insurance for massage therapy, how to become an expert witness and this is all done with my on-demand videos so that you can watch on your own time. 


Whether you are a startup, one man show, or larger company; Massage Business Education and Branding is set up to help its members with all topics surrounding the business side of the massage industry: Branding, Marketing advice, Networking, Sales, Business, Bookkeeping, Self Value, and More... As your Savvy Massage Business Coach, it is my goal to teach you everything you need to know to run a successful massage business while doing something you love and that's helping the world to heal one person at a time.   



BUILD A MASSAGE BUSINESS FROM THE GROUND UP! From finding your first massage clients to saving time and energy with marketing and automation, we've got you covered. Take the guesswork out of starting a profitable massage business. Join our community of Massage Therapists who are building their dreams.

Massage Therapy Online Tutorials for Business
Select your topic and learn at your own pace

If you are looking to establish, brand or rebrand your massage therapy business this coaching program will help to launch you into success:

  • I will teach you how to manage a successful massage therapy business. 

  • How to network as a massage therapist and distinguish yourself.

  • Help you understand personal finance.

  • You can engage in virtual workshops

  • How to Brand and Marketing your Massage Practice.

  • Build your confidence by learning how to face and overcome obstacles on your path to success, and so much more!

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What you'll get as a Member

  •  On Demand Access to Video Trainings

  •  Downloadable guides and Insurance Forms

  • Learn to create Business Plans for Massage Therapists 

  • Branding and Marketing Strategies

  • Learn How to Bill Auto Insurance for Massage Therapy

  • Learn How to Become an Expert Witness as a Massage Therapist

  • Business Strategies

  • Learn How to Advertise on Facebook

  •  One-on- One Coaching Opportunities

  •  Monthly Members-Only Live Broadcasts

  • Downloadable Cost of Doing Business Calculator 

  •  Opportunities for continuing education for Massage Therapists

  • Learn How to Get Massage Clients


Who is Business Coaching for Massage Therapists For?

  • Massage Therapists that have or want to start a massage business and have a do-it-yourself attitude.

  • Those who  want to learn every aspect of business with creative branding and marketing strategies so that they can be successful.

  • Massage Therapists who need help and feel burnt out in their business.

  • Those looking to create a profit and  increase their Massage therapist salary. 

What do you want to learn?

“How to start a Massage Business"

"How to create a Business plan for a Massage Therapist”

“How to become an Expert Witness in the Massage Therapy Industry”

“How to advertise on Facebook”

"Massage Branding"

"Marketing Strategies"

"How to network"

 “How to determine your cost of doing business"

“I need to learn how to get more massage clients”

“ How to balance work and life"

"How to create ads for massage"

"How to create or where to get business cards for massage therapists"

"I need to learn how to run a successful Massage Business”

“I am an established Business owner and would like to recharge my business.

You Are In The Right Place!


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