Business Plan for Massage Therapy

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MassageBizPro provides business training online for Massage Therapists that offers a wealth of high quality resources to guide you through the process of building and managing your Massage business. Whether you want to join one of our webinars, watch a tutorial, or simply join our private Facebook group - we're here to help!  Sign up for a yearly membership Today!


Encompassing a variety of business-related topics such as client consultations, human resources, strategic partnering, insurance billing,  and contracts.


Encompasses both traditional & digital marketing strategies such as advertising, branding, social media, business-to-business networking, and marketing materials.


Encompasses entrepreneurial-related topics such as money management, setting personal & professional boundaries, and building self-confidence.


Encompasses a variety of sales-related topics such as rebooking, pricing, selling, and pitching

Attracting and retaining clients, setting price points, and marketing campaigns.