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Insurance claims have proven to be a hidden opportunity, and many business relationships
and revenue are left on the table when neglecting them. The course, The Crash Course for Insurance BIlling, focuses
specifically on car accidents, slip-and-falls, and workman’s comp cases.
Dealing with insurance and third-party claims can be tricky, so many people avoid them
altogether. With Insurance Billing, you don’t have to worry - because you’ll be prepared with
knowledge, insight, and strategy.
You’ll learn how to market your services properly, how to cultivate great relationships and
receive trust and referrals from doctors and attorneys, how to appropriately price, accurately
fill out forms, and craft rebuttal letters. These skills are the keys to offering these services while
also maintaining the integrity of the industry and protecting massage therapists.
Enroll in Insurance Billing and learn new business lanes, expand your expertise and offerings,
and be ready for every opportunity available

Get the step-by-step on how to bill insurance for auto and personal injury

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  • Pilot Training

    Valid for 12 months
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