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Empower Your Curriculum with Expert-Led CE Courses

Are you looking to enhance your school or program's curriculum with expert-led Continuing Education (CE) courses? Look no further! Jeanette Falu-Bishop, founder of MassageBizPro, offers exclusive CE courses tailored to elevate massage therapy education both in-person and virtually.


Why Choose Jeanette Falu-Bishop?

Unleash unparalleled expertise for your CE courses with Jeanette Falu-Bishop. As a certified massage therapist and esteemed member of The National Certification of Massage and Bodywork Association, Jeanette boasts over two decades of experience. From providing therapeutic massage to troops to pioneering programs for Wounded Warriors, her commitment to excellence is unmatched. With prestigious accolades and international recognition, Jeanette brings a unique blend of knowledge, passion, and compassion to every educational opportunity. Elevate your curriculum with Jeanette's transformative workshops and empower your students to excel in their massage therapy careers

Our Offerings

  • In-Person Workshops: Elevate your school's curriculum with hands-on workshops led by Jeanette. Choose from a range of topics, including business strategies, marketing techniques, client retention methods, and more.

  • Online Virtual Workshops: Bring Jeanette's expertise directly to your students' screens with interactive virtual workshops. Accessible from anywhere in the world, these sessions offer flexible scheduling options and cutting-edge content.



To book Jeanette Falu-Bishop for your school or program, please ensure the following:

  • Minimum booking duration of one full-day workshop or two half-day sessions.

  • Access to suitable venue/equipment for in-person workshops or high-speed internet connection/virtual platform for online virtual workshops.

  • Flexible scheduling options to accommodate varying time zones.

  • Clear communication regarding workshop objectives, target audience, and any specific requirements.


Contact Us

Ready to elevate your curriculum and empower your students with expert-led CE courses? Contact us today to discuss booking options and availability.

Let Jeanette Falu-Bishop take your school or program to the next level!

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