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From creating a business plan, creating a marketing plan to learning how to bill insurance for Massage Therapy...Join a community of Massage Therapists learning to build and succeed in their Massage Businesses.

Business Coaching for Massage Therapists with On-Demand Learning

Massage Business Education & Branding is designed to help massage therapists build a massage business that they are proud of.  I understand that people are busy with family, work, school, social lives and so much more…this is why I created a streaming system for Massage Therapists to have an online platform for learning business strategies while helping to bring work and life balance.   Many Massage Schools have amazing programs and even offer business courses but what you will learn from me will compliment what you already know or give you confidence in what you are learning for the first time. I teach you what I have learned in nearly two decades of being in business while using my personal and educational experience.


Massage Business Education & Branding offers an affordable subscription model where you can choose to have continual support through the timeframe you select as a member whether it’s monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You can interact with your business coach through social media and other massage therapists who are in business for themselves and at different stages so it can serve as a study group so to speak.  


Below are the following categories that I offer business coaching for Massage Therapists in:


  • Branding 

  • Marketing

  • Bookkeeping

  • Business

  • Sales

  • Self Value

  • Money



 With each lesson I teach as your Business Coach, you will learn to go beyond the word of mouth marketing strategies, business tips designed for massage therapists and so much more. I teach in a way that is genuine and easy to understand.  You will leave inspired and empowered to keep working towards your dream to have a successful massage business.