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Vibe Check  
5- Day 
Business Intensive

Step-by-Step Guide to a Profitable Business

Hi! If you're a busy entrepreneur and ready to achieve your income goals so you can have the freedom that you deserve, I'm here to help. Throughout this challenge, I will go live daily with business and marketing tips and strategies that are actionable and easy to implement. All the classes will be recorded and uploaded to the website so that you can come back and watch on your own times you don't have to worry about missing it. It's my hope that by the end of this challenge, you'll have increased your client base and grown your practice. Let's get started!

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What you will learn:


Module 1: Mindset

Setting Boundaries

*Imposter Syndrome

* Confidence / Value

Goal Setting

Blunders/ Stepping up to the challenge

* Overcoming fear/depression in your business

(Take steps to repair any damage and reposition yourself as a leader.)

Module 4: Time Management


* Staying on tasks checklists

* Work/life balance

*  Hiring Interns & Delegating

*  Get the right people in your circle

Module 2: Branding/Marketing

*Establishing your Brand

*Swot Analysis

* Pricing Strategies

* Traditional Marketing

* Digital

* Powerful SEO

Module 5: Money

*Profit First

Module 3: Business Credit

*Establishing your business credit

*Checking your business credit score.

*Business Funding

*Business Vehicle

* Finding Resources

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