Are you looking to grow your Massage Business?


The Massage Conference Live is a virtual business conference for Massage Therapists and Wellness providers that has been endorsed by Massage Magazine Insurance Plus and the International Massage World Cup.

This conference featured some of the most esteemed lecturers and presenters in our health and wellness industry to include Benny Vaughn, Vivian Mahoney, Laura Allen, Gael Wood, and James Waslaski.

In addition to our industry titans, we have also invited experts to provide an interactive learning experience in the fields of, Marketing, Blogging, Legal, Bookkeeping, Insurance Billing, Mental Health Specialist, Business Ethics, Social Media Marketing, LinkedIn, Finance, Grant Writing, and Branding.

In just moments you’ll discover:

• A little-known way to get funding, and grants to help your business grow – even if you feel like you don’t have grant writing skills.

• Understanding and implementing Facebook strategies

• Understanding Digital marketing to include search engine optimization.

• How to testify in a deposition like an expert witness and how to bill for it.

• Steps to becoming a Six-figure Massage Therapists taught by Benny Vaughn.

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